*****CALL today for a free quote.  We often lower rates and ignore additional dog fees based on the size of yard, size of dogs, and frequency.  It is definitely worth a phone call if you are borderline interested and just need a few dollars shaved off the price to make it more affordable.  Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?*****

The average dog leaves two and one half messes per day in the backyard. A Doggone Waste will thoroughly clean your yard on a regular schedule to keep it healthy and sanitary. All droppings are scooped, placed in a bag, tied off, and hauled away at no extra fee.  Some yards need an initial "One Time Clean-Up" before regular service can begin. 
Please don't hesitate to call us for a quote especially if you have multiple small dogs or a small yard.  Often times we will work with customers to find a more reasonable rates by waiving the extra dog fees.  (319) 830-2834
 Standard Rates
Spring Cleaning: 

A Spring Cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your yard after months of accumulation through the winter months.  If you would like to start a weekly service but don't want to pay for the spring cleaning it is always an option to do that portion yourself and have us take over after that.   

 Twice Per Week Pooper Scooper Service:
Twice per week cleanings will keep your backyard in top-top condition. We recommend this service if you have a  high traffic yard or are very particular about the cleanliness of your  yard. Cleanings occur twice per week, every week of the month.
$7.00 Per Cleaning For 1 Dog, +$1 Per Additional Dog Per Cleaning
  Weekly Pooper Scooper Service:
Weekly cleanings will keep your yard healthy  and looking great. We recommend this service if you have 3 or more dogs  or medium to large sized dogs. Cleanings occurs once per week, every  week of the month.
$7.50 Per Cleaning For 1 Dog, +$1.50 Per Additional Dog Per Cleaning
  ***Best Value*** Every Other Week Pooper Scooper Service:
Cleaning your yard every other week keeps your pet waste problem from ever getting out of hand. This service works  best if you have 1 or 2 small to medium sized dogs. Cleanings occur 2 or 3 times per month, depending on how many service days fall in that month.  Scenario for 1 dog - Typical two appointments per month $12.00(2) = $24.00 - $5 (yard sign rebate) = $19.00.  Just 19 bucks a month to never clean up after your dog again (some months will have three cleanings)!
$12.00 Per Cleaning For 1 Dog, +$2.00 Per Additional Dog Per Cleaning
  Monthly Pooper Scooper Service:
Stopping out once a month will at a minimum keep your yard from becoming over accumulated.  This is recomended if you only have one dog or a very big yard. 
$22.00 Per Cleaning For 1 Dog, +$3 Per Additional Dog Per Cleaning
   *We are now implementing a $3 service charge if payment is received late.  We will begin billing on the last day of each month and have your bill to you in a week or less.  That bill is due by the date shown on your bill.  No exceptions.
**If you have a very large yard or more than 2 dogs pricing may vary.  Please call (319) 830-2834 for pricing.
***Please call for our winter policy.
  ***Ways To Save***
1.)   Post one of our yard signs in your front yard and recieve $5 off of your monthly bill for every month you keep it posted.

2.)  GROUP RATES!!!  Get your next door neighbors involved and enjoy the following reduced rates (additional dog fees remain the same and all involved must be on the same service plan):
                                One Neighbor          Two Neighbors          Three+ Neighbors
Twice Weekly                 $6.50                      $6.00                          $5.50   (Save $12/Month)
Weekly                           $7.00                      $6.50                          $6.00   (Save $6/Month)           
Every Other Week          $10.50                     $10.00                         $9.50   (Save $5/Month)
Once Monthly                 $20.00                    $19.00                          $18.00  (Save $4/Month)
 *Only one person in a group may post a yard sign for $5.00 off their monthly bill.
**To be considered for the discount we must be able to park in one position on the street and walk comfortable to each house from there.

3.)  For every new customer you refer to us that stays on for a minimum of 3 months You will recieve $20 off of your bill.  There is no cap for this promotion so feel free to take advantage of this.
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A thorough cleaning is perfect if you're  selling a home, getting ready for a party, or just tired of looking at a  mess in your backyard. We’ll scoop your yard, bag it, and haul it to an offsite trash can.
Residential Services